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Songs you know and love…with a twist...

About Us:

Richard and John were close friends at school and made their first public appearance there as part of the same folk group. After losing touch with their hair and each other over many years, their paths happily crossed again and they’ve been making music ever since, as well as generally behaving the same as they did all those years ago. Richard divides his time between the UK and Spain, hence his keen interest in Latin musical arrangements of familiar songs, red wine and paella.


“The only escape from the miseries of life are music and cats.”

 - Albert Schweitzer


John is the unashamed control-freak in the band, slaving away in his home studio most days - writing and recording his own songs and laying down backing tracks for the trio.  He bought his first guitar in 1965 and soon formed 'The Trane' which enjoyed a lot of success in the Warwickshire area with their own brand of blues/rock/soul.  Addicted to live performance, John formed numerous notable bands over the years, including 'Sugarcane', ‘Blues Deluxe’ and ‘The Skyline Band', culminating in the present lineup, ‘The Phoenix Trio’.


Christine found her love of singing at Primary school, then continued in choirs and folk clubs, progressing ultimately to sing with the Rugby Philharmonic Choir. Her favourite singers are Alison Moyet, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush and Harry Nilsson, plus many more.  Her music tastes are equally various: soul, funk, lounge jazz, electro pop, and the New Romantics - she’s a  big 80s music fan.  Christine has a seven year old black Labrador named Benji: “He has a grey beard…he should probably be in the band.”

What I like least about playing with the guys is... Crikey, where do I start?  Victor Meldrew doesn't get a look in.. I'll leave it at that !! (Only kidding guys!)

I have a pet dog, a black labrador called Benji who is almost 7 years old. He has a grey beard.. he should probably be in the band. 

My ideal night in would consist of a few bottles of wine, some good company, and a fun game to play... how about Twister ? Am I too old for that ??